Spread the PC36 Love and earn sweet rewards for yourself!

Refer your friends and family, and if they buy a PC36 Gaming PC, you can choose a sweet reward! You AND your friend get the reward

  • £15 PC36 Gift Card

    £15 to spend anywhere on the PC36 website. No minimum order; yours to spend freely!

  • £10 Steam Gift Card

    £10 to spend on Steam, which can get you a sweet discount on your favourite games

  • Step 1

    Get your PC36 Order Number (this will be on the order confirmation email) and send it to your friend. It can be from any order from PC36. This order number is your referral code

  • Step 2

    Your friend adds a PC of their choice to the basket. In the basket there is a section where you can enter a referral code. Pop the order number in there and complete checkout as normal. Scroll down to see a photo of where it goes

  • Step 3

    Once a purchase is complete, your rewards will be sent out 14 days after delivery of the order. You can repeat this referral process as many times as you like

Where to put the code

This is where your referral code goes when your friend adds their PC to the basket. In the cart page, simply find the box and pop the code in there

  • 1 - Unlimited use

    Yep, you heard that right! No limits on the number of people you can refer

  • 2 - The order must be completed

    We'll only send the reward to you and your friend 14 days after delivery of their PC. If the PC is returned, no rewards are given

  • 3 - One per address only

    You can't refer people in your household and you can't use the same payment card as the referrer used for their purchase. This is to prevent abuse of the system. We'll check the address and payment card before sending out your reward