PC36 is for ALL gamers

Whether you're an RPG fanatic, a Warzone grinder, or a Minecraft builder, your perfect PC is ready and waiting. We've got the spec you need, without the unnecessary guff

So how does it work?

We keep it simple with 3 routes to your new Gaming PC (+1 bonus route)

We recommend starting in the Ready-to-Go section. If nothing takes your fancy, spec your own in our Configurator. And if still no luck, send us a Custom Spec request. This usually nets you the best prices and shortest wait times 😁

We've also got some advice on what spec you need based on your gaming needs - it's at the bottom of this page

Tried and true


Fan-favourite designs

👌 Our favourite designs, built-to-order

👌 Top-quality components that stand the test of time

👌 A centrepiece you are proud to display

👌 Lean, mean, and ready to game, with no bloatware

👌 Stunning and varied designs, with easy online ordering

👌 Customer support team on-hand to help with your questions - use the chat bubble!

Ready-to-Go PCs

mix and match


🪙 Choose the looks and performance level you want, with the components that you want

🪙 From checkout to your door in under 21 days

🪙 Easy online ordering, all on one page, with responsive customer support for your questions

🪙 The same high build quality as our other services

🪙 Lean, mean, setups with no bloat

See the range now!

premier service

Custom Spec Service

Our premier service

This is guided by you. You tell us what you want from your PC, and we tailor a quote to your exact needs

✅ Our most personal level of service - everything is designed for you, and you alone

✅ Priority in the build queue - rest assured your build is our top priority

✅ A unique, one of a kind design, just for you

✅ Total control: We can suggest components, or you can simply tell us. The choice is yours

✅ Friendly and non-judgemental service team on hand to answer your questions. Just use the chat bubble!

✅ Expert craftsmanship and bloat-free

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build it yourself

Or, maybe, you'd prefer to build it yourself?

Save money, have fun, and learn a new skill by bagging a PC36 Digital Build Guide

These are video walkthroughs showing you how to build your dream PC, step by step, in the comfort of your own home

Check it out below!

Digital Build Guides

The PC36 difference

Our philosophy and unique selling points

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So what are you waiting for?

Find a style you like, and make your PC dreams a reality!

we help you choose

OK - so what PC should I buy?

Good question!

That really does vary from person to person, but don't worry - we've got you covered!

Really, it's a matter of budget. It's no secret that the more you spend, the better you get.

As a rough guide, here's where we'd recommend shopping:

Under £1000 is considered the "budget" range, but you can still get amazing performance in most games, but you won't be able to play on a 4K monitor

Between £1000 and £1800 is the "mid-range", and this is where most people will shop. It provides that sweetspot between price to performance and is more than enough to handle any game you throw at it

Over £1800 and you're in the "high-end" category. People who shop here are passionate or pro gamers who spend hours every day honing their skills. This category will also double up as an awesome content creation workstation

£3500 is what we would consider the upper cap. You can spend more but it usually doesn't net you any more performance

If you've still got questions we can help - drop us a message using the chat bubble or email: info@pc36.co.uk and we'll get back to you.

To get the best recommendation, provide as much detail as possible about what you want to get out of the PC

Digital Build Guides