About Us

How we started

The story of PC36

I’m Jack

I started PC36 at the end of 2022, because I saw big
problems with prebuilt PC systems out there. I am also a doctor in the NHS, and
during medical school I repaired computers for extra cash. I saw the build
quality and what people were paying for their machines.

I was not impressed, to say the least. Many times, the PCs
were faulty due to low quality components being used, because they save the
system builder money. I also noticed that all these PCs came pre-loaded with
loads of useless apps which slow the PC down. I later learned that the system
builders are paid to include this “bloatware” on each system.

And the craziest part?

Many of these PCs were still in warranty. I asked the
customers why they didn’t simply use the warranty to get it fixed. It turns out
that they could not deal with the customer service and would rather pay me to
fix it than send it back under warranty

So I decided to do something about it. I resolved to produce
gaming PCs myself, using high quality components and not including any
bloatware. I figured people would not mind paying a bit more to have a system
built with care, attention and quality, as well as having a lean Windows
installation without the bloat. The added benefit was that as a sole trader I
could give people a more responsive and personalised service, and would fix any
issues very quickly

I traded under the name JCPC Customs for around 2 years,
doing really well and garnering masses of positive feedback. Then I graduated
and started work as a doctor. And with this I felt I should incorporate this PC
business properly as a limited company. This will allow me to provide a better
service and start employing people. So despite PC36 being a newly formed
company, we’ve got years of experience and nearly 1000 builds under our belt!

That brings us to now. The goal of PC36 is to make it easy
for you to choose, because there is just so much choice out there, and also to
provide fantastic, lean gaming PCs that look simply gorgeous. And crucially, we
will keep our customer service top-notch.

Are we the cheapest? No. But I’ve learned in life that you
get what you pay for. If you sell cheap PCs you have to pay your staff less and
use cheaper materials – all of which lead to a worse product. I have positioned
our pricing so that it is in that Goldilocks zone – not so cheap that we cut
corners, but not so expensive that we take the Mickey!

And why is it called PC36? 1936 is the year when the first programmable computer was built. We want to take the ethos of PC building back to its roots - focusing on a solid build process, but updating it for the modern user

Our Process

How we build our PCs

All our PCs are built and tested by hand. And we plan to
keep it that way. We make it so that every PC is built by an expert technician
with their hands and experience, not on a soulless production line. When you
build computers by hand you have time to do everything right, just as it should

We build our PCs in the way we would like to have them. We
make big effort to make your system neat, tidy and synchronised. The
presentation sides of your PC will look… well there’s no other word for it
*chef’s kiss*

We care about the little things that improve your quality of
life. Here are a few examples of this:

  • Pre-routing SATA cables so it's easier to install storage drives in future
  • When we install M2 SSDs we try to leave the most accessible M2 slots free so you can upgrade your storage without fuss
  • We provide an easy-to-follow set up guide to get you up and running ASAP

As for cable management, we do not go overboard. You may see
online where builders take an inordinate amount of time tying down cables. Our
philosophy on this is that the presentation side of the case (ie what you
actually see) should be perfectly neat and beautiful. However the rear cable
management (ie what is hidden behind the steel panel), should not be tied down
to the extreme. Why is that? It’s because there is a difference between “good”
cable management and “pretty” cable management. “Pretty” cable management might
look good, but you will never see it because it is hidden by the steel in the
case. And in addition, if you ever come to upgrade the PC, you have to undo all
of that cable management. However, “good” cable management is where the cables
are organised, but with enough give that you can upgrade parts and move things
around without a fuss

 And… the really fun part. If you always wanted to build your
own PC but were worried about the difficulty, making sure it’s all compatible,
and having technical support, then AEKI is the place for you! That is our
sister site over at www.aeki.co.uk where
you can buy DIY PC kits which includes everything you need to build your own PC

Our Philosophy

  1. We care about what we do
  2. We want your experience to be easy
  3. We want your feedback – good and bad
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