Streamers - we've got you covered!

All Expert Series PCs are streaming-friendly thanks to the built-in encoder found on the graphics card

Variety Gaming Expert

For those who want a solid all-rounder, capable of everything from racing to RPGs! As well as being a handy creator workstation for YouTube or Twitch

Variety Expert

Call of Duty Expert

Designed to get the most out of COD Warzone and multiplayer. Get the competitive advantage. Put the TTV sweats to shame, or join them...

COD Expert

Apex Expert

Apex Expert PCs are like having Octane's stim on permanently - they're super fast! They are specifically designed to crush Apex Legends, whether you're heavy into the scan meta or spamming Pathy's ziplines!

Apex Expert

Fortnite Expert

Controller gods and MNK masters both get the advantage when playing on a high quality gaming PC. Crush Fortnite with these specifically designed PCs

Fortnite Expert

Roblox / Minecraft Expert

Whether you relax on your plantation, or fight to the end in battle royale, craft your own world in stunning detail, using a specifically spec'd gaming PC for Roblox and Minecraft

Blox Expert

Simulator Expert

Whether it's Flight Simulator, Assetto Corsa, or something else, experience it in fantastic detail and smoothness, on a specifically designed PC

Sim Expert

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