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Rocket | ITX/Small Form Factor RTX 4060 + Ryzen 5 5500 + 16GB + 1TB | Ready-to-Go Gaming PC | PC36

Rocket | ITX/Small Form Factor RTX 4060 + Ryzen 5 5500 + 16GB + 1TB | Ready-to-Go Gaming PC | PC36


CPU: Ryzen 5 5500 6-core 12-thread

CPU Cooler: Thermalright AXP120 X67 ARGB

Motherboard: AsRock A520m ITX AC

Memory: 16GB (2x8) DDR4-3600 CL18 Corsair RGB RS

Storage: 1TB NVME M2 SSD (Gen 3 with memory buffering or DRAM)

Video Card: RTX 4060 8GB

Case: SSUPD Meshlicious Glass PCIe 3.0 version (full mesh or 4.0 versions available on request)

Power Supply: 500W 80+ rated PSU, e.g. Deepcool PF500

OS: As chosen by you in the options

WiFi/Bluetooth: Built-in 

Additional: 2 x 120mm case fans (FREE!)

Additional: USB C to 2.0 internal adapter

RGB control: PolyChrome (ASRRGBLED) + iCue, or can install Signal RGB

*Please note: The USB-C on the case front is functional but works at USB 2.0 speeds due to motherboard limitation (in order to keep price sensible!)*

If additional M2 SSDs or RAM is added, this will be an upgrade to the existing hardware rather than additional. E.g. if you add 1TB, we will replace the existing 1TB SSD for a 2TB

Number of additional storage drives you can add:

M2 SSD: 0 (but can upgrade via listing options)        SATA SSD:  2        3.5in HDD: 0

What is this PC best for?

1080p Gaming: ✅
1080p Gaming (high-refresh): ✅
1440p Gaming: ✅
1440p Gaming (high-refresh): ❌
4K Gaming: ❌
4K Gaming (high-refresh): ❌
Livestreaming: ✅
Entry Level Video Editing: ✅
Advanced Video Editing: ❌

Want something different?

Submit a Custom Spec Request, telling us the name of the PC you wanted in the form, and we'll do our very best to recreate it. Click HERE to access the request form

Need help choosing?

Use the live chat feature to ask us! Tell us as much detail about what you're looking for and a rough budget


Some parts may need to be changed due to availability. These would be minor changes that will have little to no bearing on the performance or aesthetic of the PC. If you have a query about this prior to purchase, drop us a message where we can confirm the exact spec before you buy

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Ready-to-Go Gaming PCs

Ready-to-Go PCs

Our favourite Gaming PC designs built to order

These are spec'd by us which takes the worry out of choosing. You can make adjustments using the listing options

Not quite the spec you want? Or need to change something that's not in the options? Submit a Custom Spec Request and we'll get right on it! -> Click HERE

Pros and Cons

Ready-to-Go PCs are:

✅ Lean, mean, ready to game

✅ Easy to set up

✅ Just like the picture (some small variances may apply)

✅ The best value PCs on the PC36

❌ Not as customisable as our Configurator
or Custom Spec options

Completion Time

Build time: 7-14 days

Shipping time: Up to 7 days

If you haven't got your PC within 21 days, we'll send a free voucher your way!

If you pay by bank transfer, we can build your PC faster, knocking 3 days off the standard completion time

Delivery, Returns, Warranty


The majority of PCs are delivered via DPD. Some oversized models may be delivered by UPS. Typical delivery time is 5 business days after completion



We will accept returns if you contact us within 14 calendar days from delivery, provided the PC is in the same condition it is provided to you. That includes any boxes and packaging. Do not throw away the packaging until you are sure you don't want to return (PC boxes are a specific size so you may find it hard to return if you destroy the box) - we advise keeping the box somewhere safe (you can collapse it) in case you need to send us the PC for upgrade or repair.

The buyer pays the return postage cost and insured shipping is recommended



We provide a 2-year warranty as standard on all gaming PCs, with options to extend. We will repair any problems with the PC which we have caused due to assembly or component faults. User error is not covered, nor are viruses or problems arising from unauthorised tampering with the PC.

For warranty claims, we will provide a drop-off delivery label free of charge. If you would like the PC collected instead, there would be a small surcharge for this.

Technical support is included via email and live chat

Payment options

Buy immediately

  • Bank Transfer (checkout and instructions will appear on-screen - payment must clear before shipment)
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal

Bank transfer payment will fast-track your build by 72 hours!

Buy Now Pay Later

  • PayPal Pay in 3 or 4* (choose PayPal and when choosing your payment card scroll to the bottom and you'll see the credit options)
  • PayPal Financing 6-36 months (coming soon; but needs some work on our end first!)

*Pay in 3 / 4 is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Pay in 3 eligibility is subject to status and approval. UK residents only. Pay in 3 is a form of credit, may not be suitable for everyone and use may affect your credit score. See product terms for more details

Don't Forget to Grab Some Peripherals

A good PC is made great with the right peripherals

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