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Freelancer | High-end Creator PC | i7 CPU + RTX 3060 Graphics

Freelancer | High-end Creator PC | i7 CPU + RTX 3060 Graphics


CPU: Intel Core i7-12700F 2.1 GHz 12-Core 16-thread Processor

CPU Cooler: Single Tower Cooler with 120mm fan (upgrade available in listing options)

Motherboard: B660 / B760 / Z690 / Z790 Motherboard with 3 M2 slots (eg NZXT N5)

Memory: Chosen by you in the listing options

Storage: Chosen by you in the listing options

Video Card: NVIDIA RTX 3060 12GB (upgrade available in listing options)

Case: Chosen by you in the listing options (images below the listing)

Power Supply: 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply (trusted manufacturers only)

OS: As chosen from options

WiFi/Bluetooth: Included for free!          

What is this PC best for?

Basic Photo Editing (Photoshop; Canva): ✅

3D Studio Photo Editing: ✅

Basic Video Editing at 1080p: ✅

Complex Video Editing at 1080p: ✅

4K General Video Editing: ✅

4K Advanced Video Editing: ✅

Livestreaming: ✅

Basic audio creation (Cubase, Audacity, Ableton etc)✅

Advanced audio creation✅


✅ = Capable

❌ = Not advised

➖ = Possible with careful use, including proxy media


Total Storage Array Possible

The total number of storage drives is:

M2 NVME SSD: 3 (3 of which is Gen4 capable)

2.5inch SATA SSD: 2

3.5inch SATA HDD: 2

USB storage can also be used in addition to these

(NB: this is inclusive of any storage drives chosen in your selection)

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Creator PCs

Creator PCs

Creator PCs accelerate your workflow so you spend less time waiting and more time creating

You'll need to choose some options yourself to complete the spec based on your needs. PCs with a graphics card will game nicely too!

There are larger pictures of the case options below if you want to see them

Not quite the spec you want? Or need to change something that's not in the options? Submit a Custom Spec Request and we'll get right on it! -> Click HERE

What to consider when choosing options

This will vary based on your individual needs, but we've got some guidance here:


  • 6 cores (i5, Ryzen 5) is enough for photo and audio work. It will do a decent job with 1080p video editing, however we recommend 8 cores (Ryzen 7, i7) for a better experience.
  • The more cores the better for video work!

Memory (RAM)

  • 32GB is a good safe bet. It's enough for most needs and can be easily upgraded in future if needed
  • 16GB is suitable for photo and audio work but might be too little for video editing
  • 64GB and 128GB may be useful for power users

Storage Array

  • Photo and audio users will be fine with a single storage drive (1 or 2TB recommended)
  • Video editors will benefit from a 500GB primary storage drive for Windows and apps + a 2TB NVME SSD for project files
  • Professional video editors may benefit from a 3-drive set up. 500GB primary drive + 2TB NVME SSD for project files + 2TB NVME SSD as a scratch disk for proxies
  • SSDs are best for active files; HDDs are best for cold storage of old files

Graphics Card

  • Graphics demands vary greatly between different workflows and applications, so you will need to do some research to ensure you're getting enough graphics power
  • In general, 4K video editing is best done with a high end graphics card like the 4070 Ti, especially if you do a lot of colour grading and advanced techniques. However, an RTX 3060 will also provide a good experience in a pinch!
  • A graphics card means you can support at least 3 monitors which can improve your workflow

Pros and Cons

Creator PCs are:

✅ Specifically designed for creative work

✅ Clean, minimalist look

✅ High-quality components

✅ VAT invoice so you can claim expenses against your business

❌ Not as customisable as our Custom Spec service

Completion Time

Build time: 7-14 business days

Shipping time: Within 7 business days

Delivery, Returns, Warranty


The majority of PCs are delivered via DPD. Some oversized models may be delivered by UPS. Typical delivery time is 5 business days after completion



We will accept returns if you contact us within 14 calendar days from delivery, provided the PC is in the same condition it is provided to you. That includes any boxes and packaging. Do not throw away the packaging until you are sure you don't want to return (PC boxes are a specific size so you may find it hard to return if you destroy the box) - we advise keeping the box somewhere safe (you can collapse it) in case you need to send us the PC for upgrade or repair.

The buyer pays the return postage cost.



We provide a 2-year warranty as standard on all gaming PCs, with options to extend. We will repair any problems with the PC which we have caused due to assembly or component faults. User error is not covered, nor are viruses or problems arising from unauthorised tampering with the PC.

For warranty claims, we will provide a drop-off delivery label free of charge. If you would like the PC collected instead, there would be a small surcharge for this.

Technical support is included via email and live chat

Payment options

Buy immediately

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer (checkout and we will send instructions - payment must clear before shipment)
  • PayPal

Buy Now Pay Later

  • Klarna Pay in 3*
  • PayPal Pay in 3 or 4* (choose PayPal and when choosing your payment card scroll to the bottom and you'll see the credit options)
  • Klarna Financing 6-36 months (coming soon; but needs some work on our end first!)
  • PayPal Financing 6-36 months (coming soon; but needs some work on our end first!)

*Pay in 3 / 4 is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Pay in 3 eligibility is subject to status and approval. UK residents only. Pay in 3 is a form of credit, may not be suitable for everyone and use may affect your credit score. See product terms for more details

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  • Corsair 3000D

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  • Fractal North Black

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    Also available in a mesh-sided version in stead of glass (just drop us a message)

  • Fractal Ridge

    Slim profile and understated look, with the space to fit powerful hardware

    Available in black or white

  • Fractal Terra

    Tiny desk footprint with natural accents

    Available in black, white, and jade green

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