Keeping your PC and electronics dust free will keep them running more efficiently, and last longer. Ditch the compressed air cans which are expensive and wasteful - get an electronic dust buster instead! We recommend dusting your PC once every 3 months

We've also got other maintenance kit such as thermal pastes and wipes

  • CompuCleaner Duster | £50

    You'll wonder why you used anything else, once you use the Compucleaner.
    We use them here in the PC36 warehouse to keep our machines dust-free.

    CompuCleaner Duster | £50 
  • Arctic MX-6 Thermal Paste Kit | £15

    High quality thermal paste and cleaning wipes. We recommend changing CPU thermal paste every 2 years and this kit takes care of that for you!

    Arctic MX-6 Thermal Paste Kit | £15 
  • PC36 USB Recovery Drive | £30

    Our own custom USB Recovery Drive, featuring Windows installation media and loads of helpful drivers. We can also load on a BIOS version for your motherboard if you need to do a BIOS update!

    PC36 USB Recovery Drive | £30 


Screwdriver sets to make upgrading easy!

Not just for PCs - these can be used for everything from hanging doors to assembling IKEA furniture!

  • Bahco Ratchet Screwdriver | £30

    A cheap screwdriver is just that - cheap. This high-quality Bahco ratchet screwdriver will stand the test of time. How do we know? We use them ourselves!

    Bahco Ratchet Screwdriver | £30 
  • iFixit Precision Screwdriver Sets | £25-45

    We have multiple iFixit kits available depending on your needs. A precision set is handy not only for PCs, but for other odd-jobs too!

    iFixit Precision Screwdriver Sets | £25-45 
  • Long-reach Philips head screwdriver | £15

    A long-reach Philips head screwdriver is ideal for tightening or loosening screws in hard to reach areas

    Long-reach Philips head screwdriver | £15 

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