1080p resolution is the easiest to drive. That means it's ideal for:

  • Budget PCs
  • Esports competitive gamers who want mega high refresh rates
  • 27" Viewsonic VX2718-PC-MHDJ 165Hz | £190

    A high-quality 165Hz 1080p monitor with FreeSync, for a smooth experience

    Viewsonic VX2718-PC-MHDJ | £190 
  • 27" Samsung Odyssey G4 240Hz | £300

    A premium quality 1080p 27 inch monitor. The 240Hz refresh rate makes gameplay extra-snappy, and the IPS panel delivers excellent colours

    Samsung Odyssey G4 | £300 
  • Alienware Mega-high refresh rate 360Hz or 500Hz, available in 25 inch and 27 inch | £399-£650

    For those who compete at the highest levels, these 1080p monitors come in with a ludicrous 360Hz refresh rate )or even 500Hz!), meaning you can react the fastest

    Alienware 360Hz+ Monitors 
  • 27" piXL PX27IHD 75Hz | £120

    This is a great general purpose 27 inchmonitor for home offices and productibity set ups. It is not designed for gaming, however if you tend to play lighter games like the Sims, it will do in a pinch. This would make an excellent secondary monitor too

    27" piXL PX27IHD 75Hz | £120 


We love 1440p and think it is the best resolution to game at. That's because most modern systems can run it, giving you enhanced sharpness whilst not needing a high tier enthusiast level PC to run it

We like it best for:

  • Mid-range and high end PCs (budget systems can do it but not at high framerate in most cases)
  • Enhanced sharpness compared to 1080p

4K and ultrawide

These are for people who have high end systems and want the sharpest image possible. These monitors are at the cutting edge so will be a bigger investment compared to 1080p and 1440p

Ideal for:

  • No compromise gamers
  • Content creation
  • Ultrawide is great for productivity by giving more screen real estate
  • Samsung Odyssey 34 inch 3440x1440 Ultrawide 165Hz | £500

    Ultrawide monitors provide an immersive experience because they are wider than standard monitors. You'll want a powerful rig to run this. We'd recommend builds with RTX 4070 Ti level graphics or higher

    Samsung Odyssey 34 inch 3440x1440 Ultrawide 165Hz | £500 
  • Samsung Odyssey 28 Inch 4K 144Hz | £700

    A smooth 144Hz monitor at super crisp 4K resolution. You'll need a very powerful rig to run this - but the image quality is sublime!

    Samsung Odyssey 28 Inch 4K 144Hz | £700 
  • piXL CM28GU1 28 Inch 4K Monitor | £170

    A fantastic value 4K monitor, providing outstanding resolution, which is ideal for packing more into the screen!

    Not so good for gaming, but makes for a great office monitor or secondary monitor!

    piXL CM28GU1 28 Inch 4K Monitor | £170 

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